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Seed Production of Air Breathing Fishes

Establishment of seed production centers for air breathing fishes, Clarias magur (Ngakra) and Anabas testudineus (UKabi) at Thoubal and Kakching district, Manipur" under NABARD sponsored Project.



The Asian catfish, Clarias magur (locally known as Ngakra in Manipuri) and the Climbing perch, Anabas testudineus (locally known as Ukabi in Manipuri) is an important freshwater air-breathing fish. This fish normally lives in slow-moving and often stagnant waters such as ponds, swamps, streams and rivers as well as in flooded rice paddies or temporary pools that may dry up

In natural waters, magur spawns during rainy season (June- August) whereas the Climbing perch spawns during rainy season (April-August) with peak during monsoon. Attains sexual maturity in 5-6 month. However, due to the increased use of pesticides in the paddy fields which are the main breeding grounds of the fish, potential to collect seeds from wild has become low. On the other hand, due to its high demand and scarce in production, there is potential for expansion of its culture practices. Since the species possess accessory respiratory organ and hardy in nature, it can be culture in small land area and can generate huge income from the small land area. Supply of quality fish seed is a key factor to the expansion of fish farming and successful aquaculture of this species may bring about socio-economic sustainability of the rural people. Intensive culture will gain popularity mainly because the species require no special treatment unlike many other aquaculture species.

The area selected for implementation of the project is from 6 villages, of which two villages are adopted village of KVK Thoubal (Lourembam and Ukhongsang) while the remaining 4 villages are Komnao, Hiyanglam and Thongjao of Kakching district and Tentha of Thoubal district. A total of 18 nos. of beneficiaries has been selected from the 6 village, 3 beneficiaries from each village.