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NARI (Nutri sensitive Agriculture Research Innovation)

It is a well known fact that the agricultural sector has immensely contributed to the food security and economic development in India, but it is felt that there is still a lack of awareness as well as practice among the farmers regarding nutritional security, which needs to be addressed. Various kinds of locally available vegetable, fruit and other crops are cultivated without much knowledge of nutritional security. Thus under the project called NARI some activities have been taken up for nutritional security by taking up nutritional gardening in some villages of the district.


NARI, 2019-20


Adopted Village: Lourembam No. of farm family = 15

Crops Grown in Nutri Garden


Peas (Garden Pea)

Broad Bean (Local)

French Bean (Arka Arjun)

Onion (Prema)

Garlic (Local)

Carrot (Kuroda Power)

Reddish Beet Root (Red Indica)

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