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Publications: 2007-2008

News Paper Coverage

Protection of Fruit crops in summer.
Cultivation of Summer Vegetables.
Need and Importance of Soil Testing.
Gladiolus cultivation
Papaya cultivation

Research papers

Studies on growth performance of Giri raja chicks with different feeding & management practices
( Dr. S. Zeshmarani,SMS Vety & AH)

Enzyme activity during dextrous cycle in goat ( Dr. S. Zeshmarani,SMS Vety & AH)

Folders and Leaflets

1. Nursery Pond Management ( Y.Bedajit Singh,SMS Fishery)

2. Induced breeding of carps (Y.Bedajit Singh,SMS Fishery)

3. Management of Backyard Poultry Farming (S.Zeshmarani , SMS Vety. & A.H))

4. Scientific housing of sty (S.Zeshmarani, SMS Vety. & A.H)

5. Package of practice of cultivation of Broccoli in Thoubal Dist. (Kh.Premlata Devi, SMS Hort.)

6. Food preservation (R.K. Lembisana, Prog. Asst.Home Sc.)

The newspaper coverage published mainly in daily “Sangai Express” (local Newspaper), .

The each title of Folders and leaflets were printed for about 50 copies. The folder and leaflets circulated during training programmes, film/ video shows, exhibitions etc. People forget the hints or technologies after some period, but they can refer the printed matter any time

Articles on Newspaper (2007-08)

1. Seedling root dip of rice.

2. Early bolting of onion.

3. Nutrient requirement of potato.

4. Cultural practices in potato cultivation.

5. Onion cultivation.

6. Fungal diseases of onion & management.

7. Bacterial & viral diseases of  onion.

8.  Field pea cultivation.

9. Insect pest and diseases management of pea.

10. Garlic cultivation.

11. Role of calcium in rabi crops.

12. Zero tillage mustard cultivation & stem rot of rice.

13. Broccoli in Manipur.

14. Diseases of chilli & management.

15. Cabbage intercropping in garden pea field.


1. Mustard as a trap crop to control DBM of Cabbage.

2. Intercropping of Rice with Pulse.

3. Culture of commercially Important air breathing fishes.

4. Preservation of eggs.

5. Diseases of Rice and its control measures.

6. Ascariasis in pig.

7. IPM for potato.

8. IPM for Tomato.

9. Culture of commercially Important air breathing fishes.

10. Common weeds grown in paddy field and their scientific way of control.