About Us

The Krishi Vigyan Kendra,Thoubal District is the only KVK in the state hosted by the Department of Agriculture,Manipur. It is located at Wangbal about 25km on the south of Imphal towards Indo-Myanmar Road, NH-2. It was sanctioned by the ICAR in the year 2005-06. However, the Institute became fully functional from April ,2007. Now, the Institute is manned by 16 staff ( 10 Technical staff supported by 6 non-Tech. subordinate staff).

1. Location:
Thoubal District is situated in the Southern part of Manipur between 93045′E longitude and 23045′ to 24045′N latitude.It is bounded on the north by Imphal District,on the east by Ukhrul and Chandel District, on the south by Chandel and Churachandpur District, and on the West by the Districts of Imphal and Bishnupur.Altitude of the District is 781 m above the mean sea level(MSL).

2.Soil :
The soils of Thoubal District are heterogeneous in nature and developed on gently sloping narrow valleys and strongly sloping to moderate step side slopes of hills with moderate to severe erosion hazards. Soils are well to extensively drained. The texture of soil varies from fine to loamy skeletal and classified at Umbric Dystrochepts, typic Dystrochepts and typic haplohumults.

3.Land Use Pattern :
In the Thoubal District total geographical area is 51,400 ha. Total cultivable area is 36,921 ha but only 33,215 ha is under cultivation. There is scope to bring 19,197,34 ha under cultivation. Land under miscellaneous plantation is 8565.69 ha. Pasture land 7,411.71 ha indicates the scope for development of Animal Husbandry enterprise in the District.

4.Irrigation :
Irrigation is one of the most important input of modern agriculture.Irrigation in the District is provided by River Lift Irrigation schemes, small dams and Govt. canals. An area of 18,683 ha are given  irrigation in total.

5. Major crops  :
Rice is the most dominant crop followed by oilseeds, pulses, potato and sugarcane. But the productivity of all these crops are below national average except rice. among the fruit crops, pineapple is grown in a considerable area in the district. Cabbage, caulifloer and lady’s finger are main vegetable crops of the district.

6. Status of Fisheries :
Fishery is one of the important economic activities of the people in the Thoubal District .There is tremendous potential for development of fisheries with the available lakes low lying areas and ponds. The district is self sufficient in the production of fish.However, the production may be increased to supply to other districts.