Punshi Sintha SHG,Tokpaching under the Guidance of KVK,Thoubal

Punshi Sintha SHG,Tokpaching with a member of ten farmers came into existence on 5th march, 2008 under the guidance of KVK,Thoubal. Tokpaching village is located in the Kakching block of Thoubal district in the southern periphery neighbouring to Bishnupur district. The group has, in their possession 8 ha of cultivable land comprising gentle hill slopes, foothills, lowland and deep water area where integrated farming system of fishery, piggery,cattle farming, poultry farming and various horticultural and agricultural crops, Agroforestry that can be integrated successfully.

The group has taken up cultivation of different horticultural crops in an area of about 3.5 ha comprising watermelon( var – Mandakini), garden pea (var Arkel), King chilli on areas of 0.4 ha,0.25 ha & 8 ha respectively out of which king chilli is still being harvested. They have an additional area of one acre with fully grown Tapioca yet to be harvested. Growth of King Chilli have declined due to poor maintenace and frequency of picking have been reduced to weekly from 5 days interval. The farmers are planning to rejuvenate and continue harvesting upto Dec-Jan.

From time to time during the period of the crop production of various crops by the group , the specialists from the KVK have been monitoring their activities right from selection of variety, seed treatment, nursery management, transplanting, irrigation, fertilizer application, plant protection harvesting, grading & processing whenever necessary and marketing. So far 4 nos. of off campus one day training programme have been conducted on their camp. They have been guided through telephone called, visits to the KVK & vise versa.

The group has been taught the technique & methods of induced breeding of carp (Common carp) through a training and demonstration programme. They on the process of culturing the fishes produced from this demonstration.

At present they have planted 2,700 nos. of banana saplings of variety Grand Nain within the King chilli stand which are expected to yield within a period of about one years’ time.

On seeing the sincerity, hard work, and enthusiastic endeavor, the group has displayed the Department of Horticulture, through perusal from the  KVK, have agreed to install a deep irrigation system and also supply with a full length U.V. film for the construction of a low cost green/ plastic house under the Mini Mission II of Technology Mission

Within this short period of less than one year the SHG has been able to earn a revence in the form of gross Income as indicated below

King Chilli(seedings) Rs. 25,000
King chilli(fruits) Rs. 85,000
King Chilli(dry fruits) Rs. 20,000
Garden pea(pod) Rs. 3000
Pumpkin Rs. 5000
Water melon Rs. 35,000
Total Rs. 1,73,000


Expected income from the standing crops

Tapioca            -    Rs. 1,00,000

King Chilli        -    Rs.    20,000

Rs. 1,20,000

From the records maintained by the group, at present they have a bank balance of Rs. 50,000 as saving from their net income. It is also clear from the expected gross income as calculated above,that within one year of their formation .The group is expected to have a bank balance nearly Rs. 1 lakh after meeting their various expenses.