Commercial Broiler Farming


Shri. Khetrimayum Chaoba Singh, of Kakching turel wangma near municipality office had choosen broiler farming to sustain his livelihood. He rear the birds from the knowledge he got from his fellow friends. He consulted the local pharmacy people whenever his birds is in a diseased condition and hence mortality % is very high ranging upto 15-30% thereby not getting target profit upto. B.C ratio ranges from 0.89-1.1.

One day in the month of May, 2015 he attended the training programme conducted by KVK , Thoubal on ‘Commercial broiler Farming’. From the knowledge he gained from the training programme inspired him to take up broiler farming in scientific manner. He started using charcoal as electricity supply in his place is very irregular. Feeding was done thrice in a day with ad libitum watering. Regular vaccination was done and probiotic was used @ 2g /litre drinking water which reduces the cost of medicine. Mode of feeding to broiler is totally changed. From 4th week onwards he mix starter ration with finisher with the same ratio and thereby increasing the ratio of finisher to starter until 5th week of age and remaining weeks he fed with finisher ration till 7-8 weeks. Depending on market demand of his bird. In a batch he rears 300 nos of bird all in and all out pattern of farming. Now he gets a benefit cost of 1.58:1. On seeing the success his friend started adopting the methods leading to success.