Integrated Farming System


Due to unemployment problem, Agriculture and allied activities are the primary source of income for the people living in rural areas of Thoubal district. Commercial broiler farming was taken up as an enterprise by almost and every household communities in a very small scale farming system. It is high time for the farmers to take up Integrated Farming System so as to increase their income to many fold and also helps in moving towards organic farming.


KVK imparted training on Integrated Farming System and its advantage in different IFS module namely Fish- poultry, Fish-duck, Fish ?Dairy, Fish- Goat, Fish- Pig were designed and imparted through training to the farmers and rural youths. One day Smt. Huidrom Anita devi aged about 32 years, wife of Soibam Shantipur Singh of Tekcham Mayai Leikai happens to attend the one day training programme taken up by the KVK Thoubal under IFS. Smt. Anita Devi owned 1.5ha of land where she takes up fish farming. She is very much motivated by the technology and the advantage of IFS. She conducted a trial on Fish cum Broiler farming in 0.5 ha of Fish pond. She along with her husband made the shed above the pond and started rearing 150 birds / 0.5 ha pond. She also rear 5000 fingerligs in the ratio of 30% surface feeder, 30% middle finger and 40% bottom feeder. Broiler faces and left over feed were dropped in the fish pond which were used as feed for the fish. KVK personnel attended her farm from time to time and gave suggestion about the technology to improve the farming system. Liming with quick lime was done in the fish pond at 300kg/ ha in four splits to increase Ph/ correction of acidity. She sold the birds at 49 days


She has earned a good income from both fish and broiler bird. She sold the bird at Rs.120/kg and could earn a profit of Rs. 12000.00 from one batch of broiler and from such 6 batches she could earn about Rs.72,000.00 . From the fish per annum she could earn a profit of 60,000.00 in a year totalling to Rs.(72,000.00 + 60,000.00) 1,32,000.00 from both fish and broiler . Before from the fish alone she could get a profit of Rs. 40,000.00. An increase of about 20,000.00 could be achieved from this system. Now she is planning to extend remaining pond to Integrated Farming System. This technology is being spread to other farmers of the district.