Success Story of Shri S. Shyamkumar Singh “SRI in fish farm”

Rice production has not been a profitable business for a long time in Manipur. But with the use of hybrid rice in combination with SRI methodology that too in fish farms has become much profitable a business and a boon for the fish farmers of Manipur.

From the results of OFT conducted by KVK, Thoubal in 2009 and demonstrations in the year 2010 fish farmers of Thoubal District have now opened their eyes and have adopted the technology earning much better income from one crop of rice in pre-kharif    ( February – July) and one crop of fish during kharif ( July – December). The department of agriculture has also helped in spreading the technology in other districts.

One such farmer is Shri Salam Shyamkumar Singh of Uchiwa Wangma who has adopted this practice seeing last year?s success of Shri W. Kalimohon Singh of Sekmaijin Mamang Leikai. After a good harvest of fish in February 2010 he kept his farm pond of 2 ha with one complete hectare of cultivable area submersed with 2-3 inches of water to check weed growth. At this time he raised nursery of rice hybrid using 5 kg seeds for transplanting under SRI methodology. As soon as the nursery was about a week old, the whole water from the fish pond was pumped out completely. This left the bed/ floor of the fish pond completely leveled, weed free and ready for rice transplanting. The next day the whole area of the pond bed was made into plots of 2 m width with irrigation and drainage channels of 1 ft width between plots. It is on these beds that rice seedling of 8 – 12 days old were transplanted on the marks made with the help of a roller marker. Within a few days, rice plants achieved a luxuriant crop stand and gave an unexpected good yield of 9.8MT/ha within about 125 days.

Shri Shyamkumar now earns an annual income of about Rs.170000/- both from fishes and paddy maintaining his family well.

The success comes from the farmer?s sincere hard work and the use of the technology that has been tested, modified and demonstrated which can be called a Modified SRI or else which may be detailed as under

No ploughing

No puddling

No organic manure

No chemical fertilizer

Young seedling – 8 to 12 days old

Wide spacing – 25×25 cm.

Waterlogged after tillering is almost complete

Hybrid rice

The cost benefit ratio of his farming system turns out to be 1: 1.83

This practice has solved many of the fish farmer?s problems of growing at least one crop of pre- kharif rice which he used to grow every year before letting in fish. The problems solved are lodging and sprouting of his previous varieties during harvest, high seed cost, low yield, uprooting cost of seedlings etc. This practice may be tried with other short duration rice HYVs too.