Rice Seed Production Through SRI

Shri L.Surchandra Singh, a resident of Yairipok bishnunaha under Thoubal District came to kvk, Thoubal during the year 2008. He is a rice grower in his small area of ¼hacters. In his little area he wants to increase rice production to feed his family of 7 members. At that time kvk, Thoubal was also planning to conduct an OFT on SRI and conducted the OFT on SRI in his field. He could produce 2280 kgs of paddy from his ¼hacters field and earned Rs.22,800/- by selling his produce for consumption. During the OFT period, the kvk instructed him to continue SRI in seed production of paddy so that he could sell the produce at Rs.15/-per kg. In the year 2010 he did the same and could earn a gross income of Rs.34,200/- from his ¼ ha area making  an increase of Rs.11,400/- from his previous earning . His success was telecast in Doordarshan. Encouraged by his success many farmers have come to kvk for training and guidance. Some NGOs and farmers’ group have also approached the kvk for taking up seed production of rice through SRI to earn more income.