Value Addition

Smt.Pukhrambam Romita Devi, a resident  of Kakching Wairi Sanapati Leikai, is a farmer trained by the kvk Thoubal on various  methods of food preservation. After getting the training she tried a no. of food  products in small scale from a capital of just Rs 40/-. Fortunately from that capital she could make a sales of the pickles at double the amount of the capital. From this experience she got an idea & started to take up pickling on 10 items of fruits. She has tried a no. of varieties like pickling, candy making salting, juice , jelly making etc. on locally & cheaply available fruits. On her first year she just tried on 4kgs of each fruit & worked as part time job when she was free from other household works. But now she works on a larger scale and the local salesman takes the products from her door. She doesn’t have any problem for marketing . She engages labourers by paying Rs. 20 per kg of finished product and at present she can earn an average net profit to the tune of Rs.8000/- per month. A great success indeed.