Success story of Smt Ibechaobi

Smt. Ibechaobi Leima, aged about 45 years from Umathel Thoubal District, has been doing organic farming since 2015 under Integrated farming system mode with the components; cattle, piggery, E.M. Composting, fishery, bamboo plantation around her farm boundary, Black rice during Kharif season, pumpkin, watermelon, Ground potato, Cucumber, King Chilli & Tomato in her 1.50 ha land. The farm produces were sold to the market as organic produce fetching good price earning an annual income of more than Rs. 2,00,000/- though the production was a bit low in comparison to chemical agriculture. The crops and livestock residues were utilized to produce organic manures and compost along with Effective Microorganism to enhance production period and quality. These organic manures were used for manuring the crops instead of using chemical fertilizers and other chemical pesticides. The produced blackrice grain was used to produced several by-products through food processing and value addition, such as black rice puri, ladoo, noodles, rasgulas, poha, suji etc. The knowledge of organic farming and food processing was brought about by the line departments such as horticulture, agriculture, animal husbandry.

NGOs, ICAR, CAU and KVK Thoubal. .Acknowledging her work the KVK Thoubal awarded her Best Women Farmer in the year 2017. Recently she got the East zone, India Women Farmer award by the Mahindra Samradhi India with memento and cash prize of Rs. 51,000/- for her contribution in the field of Integrated farming system and value addition of black rice. Under her leadership she established a Farmers? Club though KVK Thoubal under NABARD so as to uplift the farmers of her village.